Engaging today and winning the future

For the past 16 years, ICOM has worked closely with community partners and industry leaders to produce world renowned events within the running industry, being a globally integrated Medical, Educational, association, communications and event Management Company. As an IAPCO member, we aspire to bring to fruition the organization of a congress, meeting, event or convention in a professional manner. Such a professional manner will include timeliness, efficiency, financial responsibility and good management.
As a globally integrated company, we help companies, communities and associations to grow and develop, and we work with global, regional and national companies to help them meet key business objectives by leveraging our global experience and offering local solutions. Our approach to Full Service Management is unique because we customize our service arrangement and agreement to meet organization’s specific needs.
Our mission is to connect people, places, data and ideas through meetings, events and interactive media. , We, at ICOM, are convinced that THE WORDS AND DEEDS statement correctly reflects the universal and honest attitude that we have towards the profession practiced by us. Our belief : “Earn Trust , Confidence and Energy .. Build growth.”
All my best wishes for ICOM team to perform successful events, all my promises for ICOM customers to meet expectations with ICOM performance.


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Member in ICOM Family
Dr.Ahmed El Shal
Chairman and CEO

With more than 16 years of personal and professional experience in this field, we are committed to serving our customers in this field of business with great value and experience, providing them with reliable information and services for the success of their events. Moreover, we present our services with updated methods and materials which give us superiority and make our company respectable and trust worthy all over the world.
Nevertheless, we at ICOM are specialized at organizing medical conferences of all kinds. We also have the pleasure that we organized conferences that took accreditation from the European and American societies. All our success comes from one important thing which is working as one team because team work is the key of success.
One of our company’s strongest personality traits is commitment. We are committed to our clients, our team members, and our industry and to each other. Commitment is a trait that all the best teams and their members must continue to grow from strength to strength and remains a preferred organizing company in Egypt. We focus at cost effective solutions and efficiency at a local level, always willing and able to respond and satisfy our customers’ needs. We have extremely resourceful teams of individuals capable of implementing our works to the highest of standards in order to satisfy the expectations of our clients. This has been reflected in the steady growth that the company has enjoyed since its existence. It was our vision to undertake policies and strategies that would help us to face the new .market challenges.
If the world has been reduced into a global village then ICOM is going to be an integral part of that Village. We firmly believe that Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry and by this concept we move forward to hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.